Man Robs Woman At ATM, Returns Money After Seeing Her Bank BalanceCan you be so broke that even robbers pity you? Well, this happened to a woman in China where a robber, after robbing her at the ATM, returned her all the money after seeing her bank balance.

One night last month, in the Guangdong city of Heyuan, a woman was withdrawing money from the ATM when a robber approached her with a knife in his hand and asked her to hand over all the money she had. The woman had withdrawn 2,500 Yuan. The robber didn’t stop there. He asked the woman to withdraw more money for him. The woman said she has no more money in her bank account. The robber, not believing her, asked her to show her bank balance. The woman followed but after seeing her bank balance, he returned her all her money. See the below footage.

Even though this act of robber was praised on the internet, the police still caught him. Hopefully, they will show some leniency keeping in mind this act of robber.

Source: CGTN


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