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TWRP Recovery on Razer Phone

Here is a complete guide on How to Install Official TWRP Recovery on Razer Phone.

Razer phone made headlines when it got announced back in November. The phone not only carried top of the line specs but also did most of the things right. The most highlighting feature of the phone was its 120Hz display which was just amazing.

Even though it was relatively a new phone form an old company, many people bought it and if you are one of them and want to get more out of your latest Android device, you can begin by installing a custom recovery on it. Here is How to Install Official TWRP Recovery on Razer Phone.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if anything happens to your device. Do at your own risk.


  • Razer phone won’t get official updates when you install TWRP recovery on it.
  • MTP won’t work.
  • There are no factory images available for the phone yet so proceed with caution.


How to Install Official TWRP Recovery on Razer Phone.

Before you proceed.

  • Power-off your device
  • Hold volume down + power button or volume up + button and plug your phone into PC while holding these buttons to see whether your phone boots into Fastboot and recovery respectively.
  • If it boots into respective screens then proceed else change USB cable or ports to do it.


  • Make sure USB debugging and Oem Unlock options are checked in developers options on your Razer phone.
  • Connect your phone to PC.
  • Open CMD and type:
adb shell getprop ro.boot.slot_suffix
  • You will see a message on CMD windows that will say:
[ro.boot.slot_suffix]: [_a]
[ro.boot.slot_suffix]: [_b]
  • Note it down.
  • Remove your device from pc and power it off
  • Boot into Fastboot by holding Volume down + power button and plugging your device into pc.
  • Now type:
fastboot --set-active=_b
  • Or on slot B type this:
fastboot --set-active=_a
  • You should see a message like this:
Setting current slot to 'a'...
OKAY [ 0.042s]
finished. total time: 0.042s


Setting current slot to 'b'...
OKAY [ 0.042s]
finished. total time: 0.042s


  • It can take multiple tries to do this. Keep doing it until you see these messages.
  • After this type:
fastboot flash boot twrp-3.2.1-0-cheryl.img
  • After it finishes, type:
fastboot reboot
  • Now boot into TWRP recovery using Volume up + Power button.
  • Go to reboot page and tap  the button at the bottom to switch to original slots
  • Now, backup everything.
  • Now type:
adb push /sdcard
  • Done.

TWRP recovery is not installed on your Razer phone. Enjoy!

Via: XDA

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